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Racism, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Connecticut Nurses Association Statement of Stance: Racism

Racism and poverty are public health problems impacting not only persons of color, but all Americans. The Connecticut Nurse Association supports all nurses of color providing care to diverse populations within the state of Connecticut. We are in support of and recognize the American Nurses Association’s 2018 Position Statement of the nurse’s role in addressing discrimination both in our nation and workplaces. And, as professional nurses, will welcome inclusivity into our practice settings, while advocating against policies that perpetuate racism, discrimination, and exclusivity toward nurses of color and patients/clients in vulnerable populations (i.e. low socioeconomic status, Older Americans, mothers, infants and children, ethnic-minorities, LGBTQ, and persons who have immigrated from countries outside of the United States).

Our core principle is to make a conscious commitment to address equity, racism, poverty, and health disparity; to ensure that our work at the Connecticut Nurses’ Association reflects our commitment to diverse populations throughout the state of Connecticut.

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