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Creating a Healthier Connecticut Through Nursing

Since 1904 Connecticut Nurses Association has supported and advanced nursing in Connecticut to achieve healthier communities. Our mission is to protect and advance the practice of nursing and the health of people in Connecticut. Through advocacy, professional development, innovative solutions, and collaborations, we can achieve our mission.


"Empower and lead the profession to shape the future of nursing and healthcare in Connecticut. The association exerts its organized influence on education, legislation, and the workplace, to protect and advance the practice of nursing and the health of the people in Connecticut. We connect our members to each other, with our collective passion, compassion, power and purpose."


To be the force anticipating and creating the future nurses want and the public needs.


Connecticut Nurses Association believes:

  • Nursing is an essential service in the healthcare delivery system and vital to the health status of people.
  • All nurses in Connecticut should be minimally prepared with a baccalaureate degree in nursing.
  • Participation in public policy and its generation is an essential responsibility of professional nursing practice.
  • CNA exists to serve both the vital needs of the individual nurse and the nursing profession.
  • CNA members are the foundation of the Association.
  • CNA has the responsibility for health care advocacy for the citizens of Connecticut.
  • The highest ethical standards will guide the business of the Association.