Board of Directors and Committee Nominations Open!

The Board of Directors (BOD) serves as the agent for and accountable to the CNA membership and consists of the officers of the Association and one representative from each standing committee. The BOD meets regularly. Elections are held annually at the Membership meeting.

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Open Positions For Fall 2021 Elections

  1. Vice President (1/2022-12/2024)
  2. Secretary (1/2022-12/2024)
  3. Nominations/Leadership Committee (1/2022-12/2024)
  4. Membership Assembly Representative 1/2022-2/2024

See also Work group/Committee Opportunities below.

BOD Positions

  • Board meets monthly, currently Tuesdays @ 4:00
  • Meetings may be face to face/via zoom, or a combination
  • Strategic planning session November/December
  • Regular meetings begin January of year following election in Fall

CT Nurses Association ANA Membership Assembly Representative:

Attend Board meetings monthly (non-voting.) Prepare for Membership Assembly meeting by following ANA materials. Stay current on ANA and state issues. Represent CT Nurses Association at the Annual ANA Membership Assembly June of each year, vote on and inform work of the ANA. Join the President, Executive Director, Vice President/President Elect at this annual meeting. Learn more about ANA Membership Assembly


  1. Leadership Committee: Awards, Nominations & Leadership Activities
    • Meetings set up as need to achieve goals of the committee
  2. Government Relations Committee: Legislative, advocacy and policy
    • Meetings Third Tuesday @ 5:30 pm
    • Meetings may be face to face or via Zoom
    • Registration & support for legislative events
    • Legislative sessions Jan-June (odd years) and Feb-May (even years)
    • Practice/policy support
    • Required online training as a new member
  3. Finance Committee: Fiscal activity
    • Monthly meetings, Second Thursday, 5:30 pm 
  4. Governance Committee: Bylaw compliance and recommendations
    • Meetings as needed or called upon by the Board or Membership

Get Involved

The Board of Directors (BOD) serves as the agent for and accountable to the membership and consists of the officers of the Association and one representative from each standing committee. The BOD meets regularly. Elections are held annually at the Membership meeting.

BOD Positions

  1. President
  2. President elect (even year)
  3. Vice President (odd year)
  4. Treasurer (even year)
  5. Secretary (odd year)
  1. Government Relations Committee: Legislative, advocacy and policy
  2. Finance Committee: Fiscal activity
  3. Governance Committee: Bylaw compliance and recommendations

Professional Development Education Committee (ad hoc) Approves others’ programs and supports the creation of professional development opportunities within CT Nurses’ Association, that adhere to the quality continuing education criteria set forth by American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC)

Roles and Responsibilities of Professional Development Education Committee (Nurse Peer Reviewers) If interested, please email

Professional Development Do you have a topic or area of expertise you would like to share with the nursing audience? Let us know! We are happy to consider it for our professional development calendar!
eLearning : Visit our eLearning to support your professional career goals.

CT Legislative Issues:

  • Legislative Action Center contains legislation, nursing and health care issues. Write your state and federal legislators. Materials to help you write letters and testifying. Including important links to position statements and scope of practice.
  • Weekly Session Summaries: Review your emailed, members only, legislative summaries to stay abreast of current issues in CT during the Legislative Session.

Action Alerts:
Be on the look out for ‘Action Alert’ emails. These emails represent a notification that critical legislation is moving towards a vote and your representatives need to hear from you!

Government Relations Committee:
this committee of members engages in policy and legislative activity for the Association.

Specialty Organizations Round Table
Are you a member of your specialty organization and CT Nurses’ Association? Consider being an ambassador!

Attend one of our Legislative Events
  • Legislative Education Days (Spring)
  • Nurses Care for CT at the Capitol (mid session)
  • Legislative Breakfast (mid Session)
  • Sign up for alerts to stay abreast of national nursing and health care issues.

Coming soon: Legislative continuing education learning modules!

If you are interested in joining any of these Special Interest Groups, email this a live hyperlink)

  • Retired Nurses
  • Men in Nursing
  • Child Care Health Consultants
  • Environmental Health

Getting involved does not need to mean a large commitment! Consider some of these fun and limited time commitment opportunities:

  • Mock Interviewers:
  • Event Support: As a paid registrant, offer to help with coordination of the event, such as registration, greeter, set up, break down, etc.! We are always looking for many hands to make light work! Check out our Upcoming Events to see where you may be able to lend a hand!
  • Observe a committee or Board meeting! As a member of the Association, you are welcome to be an observer. Come and see what we are all about.

Check our Upcoming Events area for opportunities to network with fellow nurse colleagues! We host events throughout the year, such as Paint Nite and New Member Welcome.

  • Share your expertise with issues related to national nursing policies and position statements. Visit the ANA Call for Public Comment frequently
  • Professional Issues Panels:The world of professional nursing practice and health policy is ever evolving to meet the new dynamics of care needs in every setting. In order to effectively address these changes, ANA uses Professional Issues Panels to drive toward informed decision-making, member engagement and active dialogue with members. Panels will be convened around specific practice and policy questions as approved by the ANA Board of Directors.
  • ANCC Content Expert Opportunities Play a leadership role in one of the largest and most prestigious national credentialing bodies worldwide! ANCC invites you to volunteer and give back to our professional community in ways that optimize your impact and respect your busy schedule. Participate on a Content Expert Panel, serve as an item writer for test content, or participate on the standard setting panels to establish the passing exam score.
  • Membership Assembly Representative: Represent Connecticut Nurses’ Association at the American Nurses’ Association annual Membership Assembly meeting.
  • Annual Hill Day: Go to Washington DC and enjoy a breakfast and debriefing on current national health care issues, followed by visits to the Hill to meet with Senators and Representatives. Typically this event occurs in June, and registration open in April.

Coming Soon!