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The Connecticut Nurses' Association (CNA), established in 1904 as the professional organization of registered nurses in Connecticut, is a constituent member of the American Nurses Association. Therefore, a member of CNA automatically has access to benefits and opportunities to participate at the national (ANA) and state (CNA) levels.

Although in the modified federation (which is the organizational structure adopted by the ANA House of Delegates in 1984), CNA as the state association, not the individual CNA member, is the actual member of ANA. All CNA members receive benefits and opportunities to participate in leadership positions within ANA and CNA. Even though there are certain areas of conformity with ANA that all CNAs must abide by such as payment of the national assessment fee based on CNA dues collected, members qualifications, and guidelines for disciplinary actions taken against members, each CNA has the freedom to establish their own organizational structure and priorities. In 2011, the members of CNA at the Annual Business Meeting adopted amendments to the CNA bylaws that reorganized and revamped CNA's organizational structure. These major revisions came as a result of study and input from the membership and were intended to create a structure more responsive to members' needs and interests.