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For more information or to contact any of the following committees please email: or 

In the subject line state the committee you are interested in and your message will be forwarded.

Board of Directors
Stephanie Paulmeno, President
Cynthia Holle, Vice-President
Elaine Martin, Secretary
Jeanette (Bjurback) Lupinacci, Treasurer 
Kim Sandor, Executive Director,

Continuing Nursing Education Committee
Approver Unit/ Provider Unit
Terry Tavella Quell, Nurse Peer Review Leader/Lead Nurse Planner

Finance Committee
Jeanette Lupinacci, Chair

Governance Committee (Bylaws)
Terry Tavella Quell, Chair

Government Relations Committee
Mary Jane Williams, Chair
Denise Bell
Crystal Bellemare
Hacah Boros
Valerie Cassidy
Pauleen Consebido
Fay Clarke
Kaitlin Olson Cuas
Mary Eanniello
Vivienne Friday
Diane Gilbert
Shirley Girouard
Cynthia Holle
Donna Kosiorowski
Susan Lynch
Stephanie McGuire
Joan Palladino
Denise Puia
Gina Reiners
Marilyn Richard
Jill Stawn
Katie Vees
Lynn Willie
Catherine Winkler
Susanne Yeakel

Leadership Committee
Susan Goncalves, Chair,
Shirley Girouard
Paula McCauley
Melissa Pelleier
Agne Siauruseviciute

Membership Assembly Representative
Stephanie Knutson

CNF Board
Leslie Harris, CNF President,
Glenn Goulet, CNF Treasurer
Deborah Morrill, CNF Secretary

Committee Meeting Schedules

Committee Schedule
Approver Unit / Provider Unit Quarterly and as needed
Awards Committee Scheduled as needed (not a standing committee)
Board of Directors Fourth Tuesday of the month (4:00 pm)
Finance Committee  Second Thursday of the month (5:30)
Governance Committee Scheduled as needed
Government Relations Committee Third Tuesday of the month (5:30)
Leadership Committee Scheduled as needed 
Connecticut Nurses' Foundation Second Monday of the month (4:30)