1998 - 2013 Media Award Hall of Fame

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Year Recipient
2013 Yale University School of Nursing Magazine
2012 "Nursing Update" - Annual Report of the work of the nurse at Yale New Haven Hospital
2012 Stephanie Knutson, Author of "School Nurse Bulletin"
2012 Joint effort of VNA's of CT
Joanne Walsh- VNA of South Central CT
Ellen Rothberg - VNA Healthcare
Mary Lenzini- VNA Southeastern CT
John Quinn- VNA of South Central CT
2011 NURSE.com
Nursing Spectrum New England
Garnett Healthcare Group Steve Hauber, Editor &
Laura Stakal, Regional Editor
2010 Sandy Summer website “Truth about Nursing” and book Saving Lives: Why theMedia’s Portrayal of Nurses Puts Us All at Risk” Theresa Brown NY Times “Well” Blog
2009 Code Blue:Calling All Nurses - CPTV CT Public Broadcasting Network Jennifer Boyd, Executive Producer Code Green: Money-Driven Hospitals and the Dismantling of Nursing. Dr. Dana Beth Weinberg
2008 The Martha Stewart Showfor its May 8, 2008 show honoring nurses Martha Stewart, Host and Executive Producer Barbara Flight, Producer Elie Haller, Assistant Producer
2007 WMUR-FM, Boston Affiliate of NPR for its series,"Nursing, a Shortage: Inside Out” Rachel Gotbaum, Producer Anna Bensted, Editor George Hicks, Technical Producer
2006 Connecticut Public Television (CPTV) for its original documentary, "Nursing Shortage, Diagnosis Critical” Producer/Director/Writer: Roynn Lisa Simmons Executive Producer: Jay Whitest, vice president of programming, CPTV
2004 Regina Barreca
2002 Johnson & Johnson
2000 Hartford Courant
1998 CBS-60 Minutes