Nominations for CNA Elected Offices -2

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Must be a member of CNA to serve
Term of office is 2 years

Vice President

  1. Assumes such duties as are assigned by the President and /or the Board;
  2. Assumes the duties of the President-elect in the absence of the President-elect
  3. Serves as alternate-at-large at all meeting of the ANA Membership Assembly

The Secretary
1. Ensure that the records are maintained of meetings of the annual business meeting, the Board of Directors and Executive Committee.
  2. Notifies members of the meetings of the membership
  3. Serves as alternate-at-large at all meetings of the ANA Membership Assembly.

Leadership Committee

The standing Leadership Committee shall develop members in organizational leadership roles and organizational positions across the span of their careers, mentor members to assume organizational board and officer and committee positions at all levels of the organization. The Leadership Committee shall consist of five (5) elected members. The committee shall select nominees and prepare the ballot from those who have submitted their qualifications and written consent to serve if elected. The Leadership Committee members shall not be eligible for any elected CNA office of the current ballot, but may be eligible for the position of ANA Representative.

ANA Membership Assembly

  1. All Representatives and alternates to the ANA Membership Assembly, except the President-elect, are elected in the odd years and serve for a two year term or until a successor is elected.  The President-elect, who is elected in the even numbered years, is also elected as a Representatives  to the ANA Membership Assembly, and will assume that responsibility upon succession to the Presidency.
  2. The vice president, secretary and treasurer are elected as alternates to the ANA Membership Assembly.

To request for more information about the elected positions, contact